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AoyamaGrand Hotel

Capturing the Essence of Opulence at Aoyama Grand Hotel

Photo Retoucher



Tasked with translating the Aoyama Grand Hotel’s luxurious essence into visual narratives, my objective was to produce a trio of photo series that convey the exclusive experience of their esteemed guests. From the distinguished aura of the business suite to the tranquil ambiance of private retreats, each image is a carefully crafted representation of Omotesando’s most prestigious 5-star haven.

/ Executive Elegance

Captured in a series designed for the modern business elite, the Aoyama Suite King stands as an emblem of luxury and discernment. Each photograph narrates a story of success and sophistication, framing the hotel as the quintessential retreat for the discerning businessman.

/ Suite Sanctuary

In the second series, the suite’s intimate comfort is unveiled, with attention to the tranquil views and the subtle details that create a sense of home. The photography invites viewers into a space where coziness converges with five-star refinement, a testament to the hotel’s commitment to guest serenity.

/ Rooms Revealed

The third series offers an unspoken dialogue between the hotel’s elegant interiors and those who seek its solace. The shooting reveals more than rooms; it portrays havens of personal respite and sophisticated taste, captured for social media engagement.

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