New York City

New York City

“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.”

Falling in love


This photographic series was made during the summer 2018, during my first trip to New York. My first week in the city was like a dream, where walking in the footsteps of big movie stars, strolling in Central Park and see incredible Broadway shows.

Then, step by step, I realized that the real atmosphere of the city was in the least known places. That’s why for a month, I learned to live like a New Yorker, discovering and seeking every corner and curiosities to discover.

I am captivated by the excitement that reigns in the city, where each person pursues his life. Everyone is free to do as he want and no one seems to judge. It’s an atmosphere I loved, and where I find myself. Get rid of the wall street buildings, relax in the central park in Williamsburg .. I fell in love with New York.

I created this photo series to express my vision of this month spend in New York City.

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