Art Direction & Design

Keyor is a french company leading in doors production, door frames and door units made of wood and metal. As part-time student, I was in charge of all the design, graphic & communication work.

One year as Junior Art Director at Keyor.

A logotype that I cannot change


For many years they works with severals graphic and communication agency. In order to maximize their profit, they choose to internalize all the graphic production into the company. As the first designer the challenge was huge.

Their graphic identity and editorial chart wasn’t clear. All the agency bring their own touch to the company, gradually breaking down the graphic identity. The company was also in loss of speed, with products that are no longer contemporary. I was in charge to brings solutions.


My first missions was to gradually bring a new brand identity, keeping the mains aspect of the used-one. It also had to show Keyor as a complete company and break with the old vision of the company that consisted of several separate factories who has their own identity.

They also wanted me to imagine, design, create and produce a brand new entiere collection of engraved doors. I had to validate and follow each step, from the design to the mass production in the factories.

Evolution of the graphic presentation

Making a graphic evolution alone in a big company is not something easy. Many people tried to bring their own point of view on the subject and it was hard to select the goods idea. I succeed to enforce my solutions by working hard and makes many proposals to my superiors.

The idea was to improve their actual graphic identity with some contemporary solutions and designs, witch will differentiate them to their concurrents who are still stuck in old-style design.




Some documents I realized this year, presenting the products and the evolution of the company.

Motion Design to bring new views

Brand new collection of engraved doors

About the collection

This collection of new engraved doors named New-Arts was made with the idea to make Keyor enter into something contemporary. This doors had to be usable & desirable by the maximum of people, without being too much personal. This collection was made to be modern and salable as long as possible.


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