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This summer we went for a month on a workaway in Norway

I need to go in the hearth of nature a few times a year. This time, I choose to come back to Norway for a full month in the National Dovrefjell Nature park. I already came two years ago with Winnie for a week in Tromsø. It was an extraordinary adventure, but I had a feeling of incompleteness.

Returning to this country that is so dear to me and discovering it in greater depth was an incomparable fulfillment.

We worked as a volunteer for Maritt, in a little camping in the Dovrefjell. We had to manage with the customers, clean the main house and do some renovation and painting. We came from Nantes in France to Hjerkinn with a car. It was a unique and complete 4-day road trip over 3.000 kilometers and 7 countries.

I took more than 10.000 pictures and as many of videos. Discover my work in this article.

1. Come from France

A few weeks before our departure, we decided to avoid flying to come to Hjerkinn. So we went thought our car, over more than 3.000 kilometers and 7 countries. We mainly discovered Amsterdam, Copenhaguen, and Oslo.


2. Work at Snohetta Camping

Traveling in Norway is really expensive. To save money, we decided to work as workaway volunteer to find a place where we can sleep and eat for free in exchange of work. We choose Snohetta Camping, and it was a really great adventure with Maritt.


3. Discover Norway

With all our free time, we did dozens of hikes in the Dovrefjell area and furthurmore. We discovered so many extraordinary places, animals and interesting people. 

Extraordinary landscapes – A home far from home


Desolated Area
To find yourself, think for yourself.



Edge of the Mountains
You are nothing. Nature is everything.


An eye on your life



River Attitude
Far from home, I found my home
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