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Empowering Brands to Forge Deep Connections and Stand Out in the Digital Era through Revolutionary Design and Avant-Garde Communication Strategies

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Graphic Designer @ Casa Dragones 2019 - Today
Embarking on my career as an intern at Casa Dragones in 2019, I have quickly risen through the ranks to become a key Graphic Designer within a dynamic New York City tequila industry. In our close-knit creative department, I’ve collaborated on a spectrum of design initiatives—from innovative packaging to engaging social media campaigns, and from exclusive event branding to comprehensive marketing assets. This role has been a crucible of learning, offering me an in-depth understanding of brand storytelling and the agility required to succeed in a fast-paced market.
Founder & Art Director @ Âme Bohème 2016 - Today
As the Founder and Art Director of Âme Bohème, what began as a personal travel blog has flourished into a revered digital travel magazine, experiencing a meteoric rise with a 500% year-over-year growth. My vision for Âme Bohème was clear: to create a portal that offers authentic, practical guidance for explorers at heart, focusing on uncharted gems and luxurious havens. With France as our stronghold, our global audience has expanded rapidly, echoing the universal allure of discovery. My hands-on approach has seen me single-handedly develop every element of Âme Bohème’s identity, from the elegant logo that encapsulates our ethos to the evocative photography that transports our readers. Our collaborations with luxury hotels and premium brands have positioned us within the upper echelons of travel media. Recently, the expansion of our team has marked a new chapter, allowing us to amplify our voice in the travel industry. Every day, I continue to pour my passion into Âme Bohème, ensuring that every article, image, and guide resonates with the sophisticated spirit our readers have come to cherish.
Founder @ Artlas 2023 - Today
As the founder of Artlas, I’ve carved out a niche within the vibrant intersection of illustration and travel. Born from the spirit of Âme Bohème’s top destinations, Artlas is an ode to wanderlust through art, offering high-quality prints that capture the essence of each locale’s unique beauty. I’ve designed a fully integrated, streamlined digital shop where enthusiasts can procure a piece of their adventures or dream destinations to adorn their spaces. I oversee every detail from the initial sketch to the final digital mock-up, curating each collection with the same meticulous care that has become synonymous with the Âme Bohème brand. While the shop is fully functional and we’ve delighted customers with our offerings, I acknowledge that our visibility is still budding. The potential for growth is immense, and with a focused marketing push, I am confident that Artlas will become as cherished as the memories encapsulated in each print. As the creator of both the web design and brand identity, I’ve ensured that every aspect of Artlas resonates with the elegance and allure of discovery, awaiting only the spark of broader communication to truly shine.
Freelance @ Worlwide 2014 - 2020
Starting as a freelancer in college, I had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients, from a government methane energy producer needing a fresh brand identity to local restaurants, up-and-coming rappers, a dynamic women’s sales club, and an innovative music producer. These experiences taught me the importance of versatility and the ability to understand and translate different visions into compelling designs. In this role, I’ve broadened my skill set far beyond design; I’ve delved into digital, communication, and even aspects of business and marketing. It’s been a hands-on education, growing my client relationships and learning to adapt my approach to each unique project and industry. The journey has been as rewarding as it has been enlightening, each collaboration providing a new perspective and adding depth to my professional experience.
Junior Art Director @ Keyor 2018 - 2019
During my tenure as a Junior Art Director for Keyor in 2019-2020, I was part of a unique French school program that alternated between two weeks of intensive work and one week of academic study. In this role, I shouldered the creative and marketing responsibilities within a multi-hundred million dollar company in the competitive door crafting industry. Despite being the sole creative force, I managed an array of projects that were critical to the company’s operations. This included designing a comprehensive 300-page product catalog, developing internal communications, and crafting sales materials that supported our commercial team and trade show presentations. Among my contributions, I am particularly proud of designing an exclusive door collection that not only resonated with our audience but also generated millions in sales. This experience was invaluable, as it not only honed my creative and strategic skills but also taught me the intricacies of managing large-scale projects within a corporate environment. The knowledge and confidence gained during this period laid a solid foundation for my subsequent entrepreneurial and design endeavors.
Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Styx 2015 - 2018
As a Co-Founder and Creative Director of Styx, an online media outlet born from the cultural heartbeat of Nantes, France, I embarked on a venture that bridged my academic pursuits with my passion for the arts. Launched with a close friend during our college days, Styx blossomed into a vibrant platform that chronicled the artistic pulse of our city. We assembled a dedicated team, all united by a desire to spotlight the cultural and artistic narratives weaving through Nantes. Our collective efforts yielded in-depth interviews and compelling reportages that resonated with the artistic community, especially within the art schools that thrived in the city’s creative soil. My role was to shape the vision and aesthetics of Styx from the ground up, crafting the brand design and steering the artistic direction. One of our most notable achievements was orchestrating an exclusive fashion show within the architectural school of Nantes. This ambitious event brought together over 15 fashion designers and 30 models, complemented by a custom-designed catwalk, a curated musical atmosphere, and the collaboration of talented hairstylists. Beyond events, Styx became a catalyst for local artists, aiding in the growth of Nantes’ musicians and acting as a springboard for their careers. As the journey of Styx evolved, so did its mission; the platform transformed into a film production company in Paris, producing shorts that graced the festival circuits. This venture not only allowed me to channel my creativity into various mediums but also served as a testament to the power of collaborative creativity in bringing ambitious projects to life.
Intern Graphic Designer @ The Links 2017
During a pivotal two-month summer internship at The Links, a distinguished design and marketing agency with branches in both Paris and Nantes, I delved deep into the professional world of graphic design. Stationed at the Nantes office, I found myself in the midst of a bustling creative environment that catered to a diverse client roster, including sectors like city transportation, insurance, and banking. This opportunity allowed me to work closely with a team of seasoned professionals, including various Art Directors and Creative Directors, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. The experience was invaluable; it provided a comprehensive glimpse into the inner workings of a top-tier design agency. I was involved in numerous projects, contributing to the creation and execution of design solutions that met our clients’ complex needs. The internship was not just about gaining practical design skills but also about understanding the dynamics of collaborating within a large creative team. It taught me the importance of communication, adaptability, and the ability to work under pressure. Witnessing firsthand how design strategies are developed and implemented across different industries was enlightening and has significantly shaped my approach to design and creativity.

I blend art with strategy to design experiences that resonate, crafting visual narratives that captivate audiences and elevate brands with innovation and style.

My Philosophy

I believe in the transformative power of design as a tool to not only capture attention but to tell a story and forge connections. Whether it’s bringing a brand’s vision to life, capturing the essence of travel through photography, or creating a digital experience, I approach every project with a blend of strategic insight and creative passion.


True collaboration is the bedrock of any successful project. My career has been a testament to this, working alongside diverse teams from high-end luxury brands to independent artists. Together, we’ve crafted experiences that resonate and endure. Every partnership, every project is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to create something extraordinary.