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Blog, digital magazine and ecosystem for curious souls wishing to explore the world in all its latitudes.

As the founder and art director of this project, I invite you to join our platform and explore a world of endless possibilities. Our ecosystem celebrates the beauty and diversity of our planet through inspiring blog articles and captivating digital magazines, inviting you to expand your horizons and embark on a journey of discovery. Let your curiosity take flight with us today!

Âme Bohème, the definition :

Âme: french. nf. anima (breath, life)

Human being, living person; inhabitant. What gives something its originality, what animates it and makes it touch the sensitivity. Seat of someone’s psychic activity and states of consciousness. Set of intellectual, moral, affective dispositions that form his individuality, his deep self; mind, intellect, heart, conscience.

Bohème: french. nf. bohemus

Bohemian, derived from the French word “bohemus,” refers to individuals who live outside social conventions, embracing a day-to-day existence focused on personal freedom and creative expression. Rejecting mainstream norms, bohemians prioritize experiences over material possessions, gravitating towards artistic pursuits and alternative lifestyles. They find inspiration in the unconventional, forming communities of like-minded individuals to support their artistic endeavors. Despite challenges, the bohemian spirit persists in contemporary society, encouraging individuals to break free from societal constraints and live authentically.

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A vibrant blog and digital magazine that showcases various forms of travel, driven by our diverse passions. Engaging content, stunning visuals, and insightful narratives, providing readers with an immersive exploration of the world of travel.

Story of Âme Bohème

Âme Bohème was founded in 2016 during my initial travels across Europe. The blog has evolved over time to become an ecosystem that encompasses the realms of travel and exploration. It all began with my first solo trip to Venice, where the passion for travel instantly captivated me, fueling my desire to share my stories, adventures, and tips.

Months later, during my second journey to Cardiff, I launched Âme Bohème as a travel blog. From its humble beginnings centered around my own experiences, it has now expanded into a multi-platform digital presence, encompassing YouTube vlogs, inspiring TikTok videos, photographic impressions, and interviews with fellow explorers.

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